Quaker Boy Introduces New Product Line

Quaker Boy Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with Mossy Oak Turkey Thugs and Mossy Oak Deer Thugs to introduce an elite line of hunting calls and accessories featuring the Thug - Today’s Hunters United for Good - logo. Combined with over 50 years of industry experience, these products … [Read More...]


BugBand Indoor-Outdoor Diffuser

Outdoors people know all too well the buzzing, biting insects that seem to target their bare skin and clothing the second they step into the great outdoors. And they also know what can happen to their expensive equipment when they use harsh, solvent-based insect repellents.  Today, a natural, … [Read More...]


Premium Classic Box Kits by Pro-Shot

Combines all Pro-Shot Quality Advantages into one Convenient Kit! ■ New Compact Design kit contains everything you need to clean a firearm. Sure to be a favorite for a NEW gun purchase or range bag. Kits are caliber/mm specific. ■ Quality 100% American Made kit, you will not find a Plastic … [Read More...]


Ultra-Premium Scent Elimination spray from SCENT KILLER!

Eliminating as much human odor as you can is critical when hunting whitetails and other big game.  After years of research and development, Wildlife Research Center® introduces Scent Killer® Gold™ - with Hunt Dry™ Technology, taking scent elimination to an even higher level. Scent … [Read More...]


Hodgdon Powder, clean powder means less cleaning!

Imagine a powder that greatly deters copper fouling while you shoot! Well, it’s here, Hodgdon® introduces CFE™223 powder. Originally developed for U.S. rapid fire military systems, CFE™223 incorporates this proprietary chemistry named “Copper Fouling Eraser.” Match shooters, Varmint … [Read More...]

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